VALDINOX is specialized on the production of wire mesh cable trays, support systems and accessories for cable installations.

Our commitment to improve solutions for cable installations drives us to create innovative easy-to-install products.

EASYCONNECT cable basket tray is the flagship of VALDINOX, giving us brand recognition worldwide.


1982. The 1st wire mesh cable tray is produced in Spain at Mr. Justo Valdés workshop.
1993. Foundation of VALDINOX > OEM manufacturer of cable basket trays, supplying to Spanish, French, Italian and German brands.
2011. The EASYCONNECT is born. The unique self-connecting wire mesh cable tray with a reliable integrated coupling system.
2012. VALDINOX patents the EASYCONNECT system and throw itself into the development of own branded products.
2014. VALDINOX expands its markets into Europe, Africa, America and Middle East countries.
We continue giving our best everyday to be at the forefront of the Cable Management Industry.


VALDINOX produces 14.000 metres of wire mesh basket trays per day.

Production capacity is over 25.000 metres/day thanks to our production team and highly efficient manufacturing facilities.


Quality, Commitment and Trust are the values that guide us forward to lead the market and obtain a deserved brand recognition for high quality products and impeccable service to our clients.


We are aimed to surpass our client’s expectations.

VALDINOX wide experience and technical knowledge are at the service of distributors, installers and engineers to provide accurate technical information and support along with the best products and on-time deliveries.

Patented by VALDINOX, EASYCONNECT is the successful result of 35 years experience and the values that leads our activity as manufacturers.

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EC-CLICK comprises a full range of easy-to-install supports and accessories for every type of installation of EASYCONNECT wire cable trays.

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VALDINOX offers other supports and accessories for EASYCONNECT cable tray installation.

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